Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Appraisal Kit?

An Appraisal Kit includes all the materials you need to get cash for your unwanted gold and jewelry. The first step in the process is requesting an Appraisal Kit from Sell Your Gold. Once you package your items in the appraisal kit, you simply send the items to us to get paid. The appraisal kit is insured and tracked from door to door.

Your appraisal kit contains the following items:

Welcome Letter - Your appraisal kit includes a customized Welcome Letter which includes your unique order number, your FedEx® tracking number, and your user name and password. It also includes a list of near by, staffed FedEx® locations for you to drop off your package.

Customer Return Card - The Customer Return Card is there to ensure we have all the information about the items you wish to sell and your preferred payment method. Please make sure this information is complete and accurate.

Zip Safety Bag - This 7.3" x 3.5" 6-millimeter polymer material bag is pre-labeled with your order information. This bag is water and tear proof to ensure your items are safe. Use this bag to gather and secure all the materials you wish to sell.

Bubble Pouch - Once you have gathered all your materials and put them in the Zip Safety Bag, secure it in the bubble wrap envelope. This additional packaging helps ensure your items arrive safely.

DuPont Tyvek Mailing Envelope - This sturdy mailer is pre-addressed with a prepaid FedEx® shipping label that is registered for tracking your package. This envelope's uniquely designed adhesive closure seals the envelope completely shut, creating a puncture-, tear-, and moisture-resistant delivery package.

Once your items are gathered and your Customer Return Card is completed, you can get paid in as little as 24 hours using our prepaid and insured FedEx® label.

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