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Sell Your Gold in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

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Fill out our simple form, and we'll send you a FREE Sell Your Gold Appraisal Kit. The kit includes everything you need to safely sell your items from the convenience of your home.

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After you have submitted the form, select "print" or "email" to receive your FREE Sell Your Gold Appraisal Kit and FedEx® shipping label electronically. Package your items and get them in the mail the same day - plus, get a 5% bonus!

  • Risk Free
  • No Obligation
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • 5% Bonus
  • Highest Payouts
  • Paid over $5,000,000 to date
  • Experienced appraisers
What's in an Appraisal Kit?
Ship your Items

Carefully package your items and complete the documentation provided in your Appraisal Kit. Take your package to the nearest staffed FedEx® location, and ship your items using the prepaid and insured shipping label provided in your kit.

Ship your items today!

Use the electronic shipping materials attached to your welcome email to package and prepare your items. Call 800-GO-FEDEX® to schedule an in home pick up.

  • Free overnight FedEx shipping
  • Insured up to $25,000*
  • Additional insurance available
  • Free return shipping
  • Easily track your package
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shipping Questions?
Calculating Your Offer

Once your items arrive at our secure location, our team of expert appraisers will evaluate your items. Under careful examination we will use our cutting edge technology as well as acid testing to determine your items purity. Your items will also be weighed and inspected for special hallmarks and characteristics. With this information and the current market price of precious metal we will calculate an offer for your items. With 25 years of experience appraising fine jewelry and precious metal our experts are sure to give you the best price – that's guaranteed!

Get Paid

The same day we receive your items, you will receive a no risk, no obligation offer. Accept your offer and your payment will be issued within 24 hours by the payment method selected on your customer return card.

We offer three payment options:
  • Direct Deposit Funds are deposited directly into your bank account and arrive within 1-2 business days. While not typical, this service can occasionally take up to 3 days. Sell Your Gold does not charge a fee for this service.
  • PayPal PayPal Direct Payment immediately deposits directly into your PayPal account. Sell Your Gold does not charge a fee for this service. Applicable PayPal fees may apply. Please see their terms and conditions for more information.
  • Company Check Mailed immediately the next business day. Company checks are sent via standard mail.
Price Match Guarantee

Get the most money for your items! We'll beat any competitor by 10%! If you're still not happy with your offer we will safely return your items free of charge.

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